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Which is Your Painting Category?
Which is Your Painting Category? types of painting, painting in Dubai

Which is Your Painting Category?

Choosing a painting category can sometimes be complicated. In addition, paint is important for your home, which is why you have to think carefully about what type of paint you will apply to your walls. A best painting company in Dubai helps you to categorize your painting in an efficient manner.

Why Categories of Painting in Dubai Important?

There are many categories of painting, with different characteristics and applications. Find out everything you need to know about choosing paint and the solutions available to you. Before starting painting in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, it is imperative to choose your painting carefully. There are various types of painting, which can be categorized according to:

The material to paint: wood paint, glass paint, iron paint.

Composition: acrylic paint, glycerol paint, epoxy paint.

How to apply: spray gun, roller, spray paint.

Characteristics: blackboard paint, anti-rust paint,anti-foam.

We can also differentiate the painting in Dubai and painting services in by their uses. For example, in the form of an undercoat, primer paints protect surfaces and improve the adhesion of pigments. It can also be applied overcoat to prolong the longevity of the color or effect.

Types of Painting in Dubai

There are different paintings services in Dubai all have different roles and qualities. If you want the paint to treat rust then you will need an anti-rust paint, if you just want to paint a wall then water-based paint (acrylic paint) or oil-based paint will do the trick. In addition, each type of paint has a different price, the cost of an insulating paint will be much higher than for acrylic paint. This is why this part deals with all the different paintings you can find. You can find advice on:

Glycerophthalic Painting

These are the famous oil painting, which is actually only the binder that keeps the pigments and/or the salts together that make the paint. Even though the oil itself tends to disappear since it is nowadays commonly replaced by a synthetic resin resulting from a chemical reaction called alkyd resin. This type of paint is preferred for its traditional decorative appearance, its solidity (if you tap on it, the paint resists without breaking up for example) and its resistance to humidity since water flows over it without impregnating it. In fact, they are washable and also resist attack by household products.

However, the modern version of oil painting in Abu-Dhabi still has the shortcomings of containing large quantities of solvents and of giving off strong odors. Finally, it takes longer to dry.

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paints are of more recent use but quickly conquered professionals and individuals since they are now the most used paints indoors. The reason is simple: they are made from acrylic resin which dilutes in water and can be applied to almost all materials. In addition, they are odorless, dry quickly, allow tools to be cleaned under running water and finally contain little if any at all solvents which makes them ecologically correct.

For reasons of hygiene, standards and also ecology, these are the paints that you will find most easily and abundantly on the market. Note that they can be cleaned with water but, in no case washed, their resistance to household products being much less than oil paint.

Specific Painting

If the support material can influence the choice of chemical composition and paint family, and even if this is designed to be applied on plaster, concrete, cement or others, there are, however materials, like wood, which require specific paints. Indeed, the wood will be treated with primers (product intended to protect the wood against parasitic aggressions) and stains, to embellish them.

The same goes for painting on metal. Likewise, other products may intervene with regard to the work of the decorator painter, who will need them to obtain particular effects, such as faux wood, faux marble or Trompe oil.

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