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How You Make your painting in Ease?
How You Make your painting in Ease, Painters in Dubai

How You Make your painting in Ease?

If you want to review the decor of your interior, In this case, you need to hire the moving and packing company that may also provide painting services in Dubai but beware, repainting the walls cannot be improvised so make it. Expert movers and packers also providing painting services in Dubai work wall coverings to effectively organize painting work at home. Proposed by expert painter's in Dubai discover our advice and the essential steps to get organized when you want to start painting at home.

Important Steps to Follow Before Hiring Painters in Dubai

Choose Professional Painter’s in Dubai

Undertaking painting work in one's home, even in a single room, implies good organization. First, choose the color, and carefully! This step seems obvious, but it should not be taken lightly. The choice of color is essential because it will give the room its overall atmosphere. For a bedroom, prefer soothing colors like blue for example, for living rooms you can opt more easily for bright colors like yellow or orange.

For a humid room, such as a bathroom or a kitchen, for example, choose oil-based paint with a satin or glossy lacquer finish. Two types of washable and water-resistant paints, perfect criteria for this type of part. For living rooms such as the living room, dining room or bedrooms, a mat finish will be more suitable, as it will give them a more beautiful appearance.

Defining the Painting Budget

It’s very important to define your budget. So, Once the color and type of paint have been chosen, define the space exactly and calculate the area in square meters. this will allow you to know your exact needs in terms of painting and the associated budget. So, you need to hire painters in Dubai that provides painting services in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi according to your budget.

Necessary material for the painting work

It will certainly also be important to define necessary material for painting, depending on the condition of your walls: repair putty to plug the holes, spatulas, underlay. Once the list of equipment has been defined, remember to establish a schedule to plan the time for the work. Establish your program according to the logical order of the progress of the work and define next to each step actual deadlines.

Prepare the Ground Before Painting Work

First preparing your space before getting into the thick of it is tedious, but essential for a job well done! First, take out your furniture or collect it in the center of the room to allow you to move freely, and protect it with large plastic sheeting that does not fear paint chips. It would be a shame to damage your beautiful Scandinavian style sofa, right? In the second time, think of protecting the floor, the ceiling, and the baseboards to avoid any overflow or paint accident.

Finally, think about cleaning up your walls and the surfaces to be painted. Clean them with a soft cloth, sand the irregularities and finally fill the holes with repair putty: the goal is to obtain the most level surface possible. Let the putty dry for the time indicated on the product, then put on your painter's blouse: your wall is ready to be repainted.

It's time to Paint Your Walls

Before embarking on the application of color that capsized your heart and to ensure better grip of the paint and a lasting result, consider applying an undercoat of paint. Once the undercoat dries, you can finally move on to applying the paint. For a nice finish, you will need between three and five coats of paint, just that (remember the interest of defining a schedule before your project!). Some manufacturers today offer so-called mono-layer paints, that is to say, paints that require only one application.

The promise is enticing but watch out for the end result. Our advice: make a test before you start to be sure that the rendering suits you, otherwise your wallet could unfortunately suffer. Good to know: some paints today have reduced drying times which will allow you, for example, to apply two coats on the same day. Once the last coat of paint is completely dry, you can reorganize your interior ... and enjoy your work.

Choosing a painting category can sometimes be complicated. Because there are different types of painting. You have to know Which is Your Painting Category?

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