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7 Tips To Avoid Fraud Movers In Dubai
Fraud Movers In Dubai, How to avoid fraud movers in Dubai

7 Tips To Avoid Fraud Movers In Dubai

When moving into a different home or apartment, there are many issues that you can be faced with. It is essential for any home or business owner to navigate their way through the ocean of different fraud movers in Dubai impersonating professionals. Expert Movers is one company that has been raising awareness on the matter of scam businesses in the moving industry. There are many other professional Companies in Dubai that are striving to get attention on the criminal businesses because they are not only damaging to the name of good businesses, they can also be extremely harmful for the individuals.

Any fraud movers in Dubai can turn out to be thieves, robbers or even worse. Not all of them are in direct crime either, others just scam you out of your money for barely professional services. Companies like these work off of the law in a way that it can be bent through technicalities and they can charge extreme amounts, these are called trap schemes.

Ways to Avoid Fraud Moving Companies in Dubai

1. Company Website

A Company’s website can tell you a lot about it, there is only scarce amount of information in the direct content, however if you pay attention, you can find out the legitimacy. Look at every word objectively, scams are normally evasive, they use wording that promise a great service with multiple benefits but if the benefits don’t exist, they can not be held liable. Most true movers in Dubai use direct wording and tend to get straight to the point when explaining the benefits and other things.

2. Registration

A company’s name can be essential for you if you are looking for a real professional service. You can look for the business in the national database to see if the business is actually registered and legitimate. This excludes international companies, but you can check the database of the country they claim to be registered in online, it is quite easy with a proxy.

It is recommended to check the country laws that any company is registered with because some companies can make legal loopholes using different laws to their advantage.

3. Customers Reviews

Reviews are some of the most authentic source of information about any business, most of reviews on Google are beneficial for the client. Google deals with fake reviews quite fast, so it’s quite trustworthy.

Most clients list their own experiences in the reviews which can help you in the choice of business. Don’t be afraid to try new businesses either because they are fresh and will do their best to provide the best service.

It’s also important to check the customers reviews with the time they were posted, because bad reviews that were old and good reviews that are new can mean that the company improved and vice versa.

4. Quotes and Prices

If you are looking for a legitimate moving company in Dubai, before anything else you need to figure out the prices that are regular in the moving industry. The use of the Competitive prices is safe, companies that offer extremely low or extremely high prices are normally not legitimate. Low pricing is never real and if it is, something maybe lacking. However, the higher prices can just be a front for average service.

It is important to research the quote from all your options, tell the companies the things you need to move and the distance they need to be moved to, also add if you want the moving services and they will call you with a quote or come visit and check the premises for a better look.

5. Office Address

If you have looked at a website it is imperative that you check the background of the website. Most websites list the address of the business and you need to make sure that the address lines with the country the company claims to be registered in. It is important that you do this, it helps you avoid fronts for scams and other shady businesses. Most moving company provide vivid addresses for their offices; it helps them gain trust of the clients and helps with walk-in clients.

6. Strategy and Planning

It’s always best check if your moving company has a plan of action. Moving a home, business or apartment does not happen in one off meeting. It’s meticulous and you need to figure out what to move first and what things can be placed in the moving trucks together or need to be separated.

This allows the companies to prevent any damage from occurring to the items being moved in any regular situation. Of course, this does not include the accidents or incidents that cause damage. That damage should however, always be covered through insurance, which is another important thing that all companies need to have in case of any incident. It’s a cushion against the unknown future. It’s always best to choose companies with Professional liability Insurance and Worker Compensation in case of hired professionals.

7. Inventory

A best moving company in Dubai needs to keep a close eye on the inventory of any client they have. This is to prevent any thefts and keep the client’s possessions from becoming lost. It also helps with accountability in cases where a client may claim that the company damaged or took something.

If the company has a full log of everything, same as the client, it allows there to be a better investigation to see who is correct. A log works in favor of anyone that isn’t the culprit, it allows the authorities to see who the claimed object was last in possession of.

A Log is also important for other dealings than accountability, it allows better planning for the actual move. If you know everything that needs to be moved, you can move it in the order it is required by the clients. Most companies recommend their own moving patterns according to the clients, may it be a business or a home.

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